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Sekoia e shop Project

Ecommerce platform development and strategic internet marketing.

This e shop is a good example how a local business can grow and become bigger and sell products in a whole country through social media marketing.

Due to the excellent work done by the entrepreneur on social media, the launch of the e-shop surpassed every goal we had set and we were forced from the first platform we had chosen to upgrade directly to the prestashop platform.

The rest of the social media were set up and we were very busy with social bookmarking and improving the connection of the local with the online store. Created an email marketing campaign, adwords campaign, and search engine optimization was made in the name of the store as well as in the brands it is marketing.

In just 5 months, we reached + 400% on the original target we set.

Update 20-10-2018:

The work has yielded and we are now at + 50% of the turnover achieved from the best month to date. We believe, according to the sales forecast, that the month will close in a new turnover record since it will now launch remarketing advertising campaigns on facebook and google.

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