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Happy Life Affiliates Internet Marketing Agency provide services to businesses since 2004. We are focusing in results and offer a whole strategic marketing plan for every business.


Χάρης Παπαδόπουλος Happy Life Affilates
Charis Papadopoulos
Happy life affiliates developer
Korina Papadopoulou
Antonis & Florentia Zampetakis

Founder & CEO

With over 12 years of experience will give you the exactly strategic internet marketing plan that your business need.

Head of Developing

She will hard code everything you want about your project with specific results. 

Head of Advertising & Academy

Graduate from Happy Life Affiliates Academy this couple will give you the necessary help to all stages of your strategic marketing plan.

John Apostolidis

Head of Advertising

With 10 years experience in internet marketing industry he will give the specific strategies to succeed in business.


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Happy Life Affiliates

 Advertising & Marketing


Ardameriou 18, 57010,

Chortiatis, Thessaloniki,


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